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It's finally here!! I'm so thrilled. :)


Book List 2008

Since I achieved 17 in 2007 despite 5 classes and I'm only taking 2 classes this semester, then surely I can up my goal. I think I'll try for 24 this year. Roughly 2 a month. This should be made easier if I add fiction books to the list
24 books from January to December! :)Collapse )

Original goal: 24 books Currently: 24 read,left

I did it!! I can't believe it. OK, this list honestly became something of an obsession in December (really I read Quirkology this month too). But anyway, I'm so proud that I reached my goal. Obviously, I'm gonna take a little book break after this. Damn it feels good!


Canadian Seal Hunt

I feel like it's necessary to post this because most people aren't even aware it's happening. (It's not in the news much, either).

Canadian Seal Hunt is under way and this year 275,000 seals will be slaughtered simply for their fur. The hunt is barbaric and, yes, seals are still killed through clubbing and being skewered with hooks. They are still pups no matter what misinformation you may hear: pups have the fur. It is NOT sustainable and even less so due to melting ice floes. Don't believe the lies. Watch the video:

It's time for this massacre to END. Boycott Canadian Seafood. Click the link below for more can you can do!
For more information click here.
What you can do to help: here.

Jan. 1st, 2008

Here's how far I got in my goal this year:
Original goal: 16 books. Currently: 17!!
I achieved beyond my original goal! Hooray!

2008 Book List:
Bonobo by Frans de Waal
The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery
More to be added soon!


Dog Slaughter in the Philippines

Wayne Pacelle just posted a blog entry about dog meat in the Philippines. It included graphic, disturbing footage of dogs in transit to be slaughtered and footage of dog meat sold in the market. It was horrific. I use you to watch the video to inform yourself.

If that doesn't work try Wayne's blog here.

And write to the President of the Philippines to end this practice--> here.

I'm so sick of feeling like I can't do anything. I just wrote today an op-ed piece which I hope my school newspaper will publish on World Vegetarian Day, October 1st. It gives three reasons why animals should be given equal consideration. I included three points: the widespread abuse of animals, how in ignoring the suffering of animals we do not do our part in forming a peaceful society, and how the ideology about the value of animals needs to be changed. If you would like the article please tell me. It may go through some revisions but I'm pretty pleased with what I wrote. I hope I inspire people to form a group on campus with me. More and more I feel like I'm on the cusp of a revolution and I need to do my part to raise awareness for all creatures who suffer.

Read This

Read this, get angry, get involved.

Darfur Women Describe Gang-Rape Horror

It's just so horrid and unfathomable. Now I'm inspired to check Amnesty's homepage again...